10 Best Villas in Ubud, Bali (Updated in 2023)

10 Best Villas in Ubud, Bali (Updated in 2023)
10 Best Villas in Ubud, Bali (Updated in 2023)

IDBALI – One area in Bali that attracts many tourists is Ubud. If you are interested in visiting it, you can make the villa your choice of place to stay. Besides having quite a variety of facilities, the views offered by villas in Ubud are also very beautiful.

Some are equipped with a private pool with a valley background, some are villas that have a unique shape. So that you are not confused, we will share tips on choosing a good villa in Ubud, Bali. We will review some of the best villas, such as Black Penny Villas, K Club Ubud, and Daun Lebar Villas. So, pay close attention!

10 Best villa recommendations in Ubud, Bali

Next, we will recommend the ten best villas in Ubud, Bali, which we have determined based on how to choose above. These recommendations are carefully selected taking into account user ratings and reviews. Our villas are sorted by popularity on the Traveloka site.

K Club Ubud

K Club Ubud is a villa in Ubud that is suitable for large families. This villa is quite spacious and can be occupied by up to 10 people. The yard is also fairly wide so that it is free for outdoor activities.

There are three views presented by this villa, namely views of gardens, forests and rice fields. In addition, the experiences offered are also quite a lot, can be for couples, family, and friends. As a result, you won’t get bored staying at this villa!.

Beehouse Dijiwa Ubud

Want to stay in a place that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing? Come on, make your choice right away at the Dijiwa Ubud Beehouse. This inn located in the Peliatan area offers an anti-mainstream room concept. The structure of the room is made of wood and bamboo in a round shape, similar to a bee house.

Because of its uniqueness, you can freely capture moments here and upload them on social media. What’s more interesting, you can enjoy views of the rice fields and the majestic Mount Batur from inside the room.

Sanctoo Suites & Villas

Drop your choice on this Sanctoo Suites & Villas if you want to go to the zoo. The reason is, the location of this villa is the same as the Bali Zoo. If you stay at this villa, you will get two free tickets to enter the zoo. The villa also provides bicycle rental. So, you can enjoy the natural beauty around by using a bicycle.

Black Penny Villas

This villa is the right choice for you nature connoisseurs. The reason is, Black Penny Villas is located in a location around rivers and valleys. No wonder, if the scenery offered is so stunning.

Because it is quite far from the crowds, the sounds of birds and animals around will be heard more clearly. Even a gentle breeze will spoil your rest time. This villa offers two views that you can choose according to your taste. There are villas with river views and valley views.

Bunut Garden Villa

Currently, many villas in Ubud have a design with a modern concept. However, if you want to stay in a villa with a Balinese feel, this villa is worth considering. Bunut Garden Luxury Private Villa does have a modern building.

However, there are many decorations and displays in the villa that can exude a Balinese impression. For example, statues and offerings in the lobby and displays in the rooms and bathrooms. Not to forget, the villa employees also wear Balinese clothes, you know!

Freddies Villas

This villa in Ubud is the right choice for those of you who are planning a honeymoon on a budget. The price offered by Freddies Villas Ubud is relatively more affordable than other villas.

Apart from being affordable, this villa also offers honeymoon packages in the form of decorations, daily floating breakfasts, and candle light dinners. As a result, the honeymoon moment with your beloved partner is even more romantic!

Daun Lebar Villas

Daun Lebar Villas offers an eco-friendly concept with a modern and down-to-earth architectural design. This villa also offers various experiences with a slow living lifestyle concept. The hope is that guests can make this villa a place to rest and rest from routine.

There is also a place for yoga and spa here. Apart from that, there are three experiences that you can try, ranging from educational-experiences, mindfulness-experiences, to wanderlust-experiences. If you are looking for a place to stay for healing, this villa is the choice.

Umae Villa Ubud

Do you want to stay in a place that is close to several tourist attractions in Ubud? If so, don’t hesitate to book at Umae Villa Ubud. If you have a vacation in Ubud, of course it won’t be complete if you haven’t visited the Monkey Forest.

Well, this villa is located only 481 meters from the travelers’ favorite tourist spots. So, you can go to the tourist spots just by walking. It doesn’t stop there, the distance of this villa is also very close to the Agung Rai Museum of Art and Pura Dalem Agung. Very strategic!

Atta Mesari Ubud

For those of you who want to feel the calm of a typical village while staying in Ubud, this villa is worth considering. The reason is, the Atta Mesari Ubud villa is located in the middle of a stretch of rice fields.

Thus, you can also feel the cool and calming air typical of the countryside while staying here. Not only that, this villa also offers spa services, you know. So, those of you who like to pamper yourself can relax while enjoying the beautiful rice field views!

Graha Sandat by Pramana Villas

The location of Graha Sandat by Pramana Villas is still quite close to the city center. Even so, the atmosphere offered is quite calm so you can rest comfortably in the villa.

One of the places that you must visit when you are in Ubud is the Ubud Traditional Art Market. Here, you can find various Balinese handicrafts. This villa is less than 1 km from Ubud Traditional Art Market. So, if you want to go on a shopping trip while in Ubud, this villa is the right choice for you.

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