11 Cows Died of Food Poisoning in Jembrana

11 Cows Died of Food Poisoning in Jembrana
11 Cows Died of Food Poisoning in Jembrana

IDBALI – The results of the BBVet Pathology Laboratory on samples of the organs of a cow that died suddenly in the Jembrana area, Bali have come out.

Lab results stated that the 11 cows died from poisoning.

Regarding this, the Jembrana Agriculture and Food Service emphasized that breeders remain vigilant and careful about their livestock’s diet.

However, the authorities could not confirm what caused the poisoning.

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The results of pathology laboratory testing showed samples of the internal organs of the cows studied, starting from the liver, lungs, hepatocyte cells, kidneys to the intestines.

Final diagnosis, the 11 cows died allegedly due to poisoning or intoxication.

Head of the Jembrana Agriculture and Food Service, I Wayan Sutama, said that from laboratory results on organ samples, the cow died of food poisoning.

“The cause is suspected to be poisoning. But the type of poison is not yet known,” he said, Sunday, May 14, 2023.

With the release of these laboratory results, farmers are asked to be vigilant regarding feed.

Breeders should not give any feed, especially grass that is sought in the field.

Because it is not known whether the grass has pesticides or not.

The sudden death of dozens of cows in Banjar Sawe, Batuagung Village, Mendoyo District, occurred from April to early May.

Wayan Sutama said the symptoms observed included frothing at the mouth with very sticky saliva.

Then the rumen (cow’s stomach) swells, the cow collapses, trembles and dies.

Sutama suggested, when looking for grass to make sure the grass is not contaminated with chemicals.

Because often people who want to eradicate grass in the garden use chemicals.

“We hope breeders can be more careful when giving feed. Do not give feed, especially grass that was previously exposed to chemicals because it can be harmful to livestock digestion. Because we don’t know the situation in the field,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Agriculture and Food Security Service for the Province of Bali, I Wayan Sunada, appealed to breeders not to butcher and sell the meat of their livestock that died mysteriously.

“You can’t sell it (meat of livestock that died mysteriously). If the dead must be buried. Cannot be cut and sold. If the meat is dead, it cannot be sold. If pork and beef do not know the origin, I hope that they will not be sold again,” he added. (mpa)

Tighten Access to Enclosure

The Head of the Jembrana Agriculture and Food Service, I Wayan Sutama asked breeders to maintain the cleanliness of the cages with good biosecurity.

He said, recently there have been many cases of cow deaths due to virus attacks.

Meanwhile, what should also be a concern, do not give access to the cattle shed just anyone.

“We urge you to always maintain cleanliness, pay attention to your diet and don’t give access to our livestock pens too freely,” he emphasized.

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