Bali Culinary Unique Flying Noodle Servings in Denpasar

Bali Culinary Unique Flying Noodle Servings in Denpasar
Bali Culinary Unique Flying Noodle Servings in Denpasar

IDBALI – This time IDBALI has recommendations for places to eat hits in Bali and which are certainly anti-mainstream.

The place to eat is Flying Mie which is located in Renon, Denpasar. As the name implies, the noodles served at this restaurant seem to float with chopsticks.

When met, I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Krisna, as the owner of the restaurant, admitted that this flying noodle has indeed become an icon and attraction for visitors.

This flying noodle is served with a complete sauce and other complementary toppings.

In addition to flying noodles, several regional noodle menus in Indonesia are also available in this place.

Such as Aceh Fried Noodles, Bandung Shake Noodles, Nyemek Noodles, Laksa Noodles, including pasta and others.

“What makes the difference is that we bring together various types of noodles from the archipelago, put together in this place. So for noodle lovers, it’s enough to come here, there are noodles from various Indonesian archipelagoes and including foreign countries,” he explained, Saturday 13 May 2023.

For this Nusantara Noodle dish, said Bagus Krisna, of course it doesn’t leave its original taste, it’s just that it is more adapted to the local people’s tongue. The flavors offered are bolder.

Likewise, he also admits that he has other innovations in the field of noodles, such as Indomie, which is prepared in the style of a restaurant called Rama House of Nudle.

When asked about the idea of opening this restaurant, this man from Tabanan admitted that he started as a noodle lover.

And since the pandemic hit, he has also thought about opening a business that can survive every obstacle, namely culinary.

The price offered for each serving of this noodle starts from IDR 35,000 per portion.

In the future, Bagus Krisna also plans to develop noodle flavor variants that combine Balinese culinary menus, such as betutu or others.

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