Labuan Bajo Hosts the 2023 ASEAN Summit, Let’s Take a Peek at Popular Tourist Destinations

Labuan Bajo Hosts the 2023 ASEAN Summit, Let's Take a Peek at Popular Tourist Destinations
Labuan Bajo Hosts the 2023 ASEAN Summit, Let's Take a Peek at Popular Tourist Destinations

IDBALI – Labuan Bajo, which is located in West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has officially hosted the 42nd ASEAN Summit in 2023.

This agenda will take place on 9-11 May 2023.

The appointment of Labuan Bajo is also a promotional event for tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo and Indonesia.

Several popular tourist attractions were visited by President Joko Widodo when visiting the location for the ASEAN Summit.

The following are recommendations for 10 popular tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara as reported by Tribun-Flores.

1. Padar Island Labuan Bajo

Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area, after Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The island is relatively closer to Rinca Island than to Komodo Island, which is separated by the Lintah Strait. Padar Island is not inhabited by people. Around this island there are also three or four small islands.

Quoted from Misteraladin, Padar Island has views that seem to have branching legs in all directions. You are spoiled by the beautiful pink beach where the water is very clear and still very well maintained.

Snorkeling to see the beauty of the coral reefs and sea biota typical of the very famous Flores waters. Climb the hill by climbing the stone steps that have been provided for visitors who come.

2. Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island, which has an area of about 35 hectares, has very enchanting natural and marine beauty, especially the beauty of the beaches and the very special underwater life.

This tourist destination also offers an underwater garden which is a shame not to be missed. The underwater beauty of Kanawa Island can be easily seen as soon as tourists arrive at the pier.

The stretch of white sand and clear blue sea water immediately warms you. Various types of coral reefs and other marine life can be seen in the waters of Kanawa Island.

3. Komodo Island

The endemic animal exoticism of the Komodo dragon is increasingly enriched by such enchanting landscapes. The natural beauty of this island lies in the lush trees, green hills and the charm of the beach.

Traveling to Labuan Bajo will not be complete if you have not visited Komodo Island. This is where animals in the form of ancient lizards live and roam.

Recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO and one of the seven wonders of the natural world from the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Komodo Island is a must-see spot in Labuan Bajo.

5. Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

Pink Beach Labuan Bajo has a close relationship with pink or pink. Not black or white like on most beaches.

The uniqueness of this Pink Beach tourist destination is only one of seven beaches with pink sand in the world. The color is caused by coral fragments and marine life which are pink in color.

6. Rinca Island

Rinca Island is a tourist spot-labuan-bajo’ title =’ Labuan Bajo tourism’> Labuan Bajo tourism which is a shame not to be missed. Still in the Komodo Islands cluster, this island is relatively closer to Labuan Bajo.

The most popular spot on Rinca Island is the highest point in the form of a mountain with a height of 670 meters above sea level. The scenery around Flores can be seen when you are at the top.

Not only that, you can also find dragons while you are here. Educational and nature tourism is increasingly complete with environmental conservation activities in the form of planting mangrove trees on the waterfront of Rinca Island.

7. Manta Point

It is common knowledge that Labuan Bajo is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Moreover, the most popular spot in this area is Manta Point.

Manta point is an area where you can feel the sensation of swimming with mantas or giant stingrays. The diving experience at Manta Point will definitely be very different from mainstream diving.

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