Recommended Romantic Villas in Bali, Asvara Villa Ubud is the choice

Recommended Romantic Villas in Bali, Asvara Villa Ubud is the choice
Recommended Romantic Villas in Bali, Asvara Villa Ubud is the choice

IDBALI – Any plans for a honeymoon in Bali with your partner? Well, that’s right. Tribun Bali has recommendations for romantic villas that are suitable as a place for honeymooners.

Asvara Villa Ubud is a romantic honeymoon villa in Ubud.

This villa has a hammock over the pool. This makes this villa ideal for spending holidays.

In addition, the jacuzzi can also be the perfect place to relax.

Located away in a quiet and peaceful location, yet close to some of Ubud’s popular tourist attractions and restaurants.

This villa has a stunning view, with a private pool and views of the rice fields.

The rooms at Asvara villa have everything you need, including room assistant Alexa, who will easily help you turn on the lights or play music with your voice commands.

Staying at Asvara Villa Ubud will be one of the best things you do during your vacation moments.

With a contemporary design, the look of Asvara villa is ideal for relaxing and enjoying your time in this villa.

Asvara Villa Ubud is a villa that promises a romantic honeymoon experience in Ubud by presenting a private and intimate feeling.

Well designed as a contemporary villa, Asvara Villa Ubud has a one-bedroom villa room type with a private pool and jacuzzi for a comfortable staycation moment during your honeymoon trip in Bali.

You can also soak in a unique jacuzzi. Designed and placed by the pool and looks as if it is floating.

The jacuzzi spot can be a romantic place to relax with your partner.

You can also give a romantic surprise to your partner. A romantic surprise in the form of a candle light dinner.

In addition, candles will also be placed floating in the pool. There are also flower decorations in the swimming pool, or jacuzzi.

Asvara Villa Ubud, located on Jalan Bangkiang Sidem.

This villa is surrounded by lush rice fields.

It is only a 15-minute drive from the center of Ubud and tourist attractions such as the Sacred Monkey Forest, Campuhan Ridge, Tegalalang rice terrace, Ubud Palace, and Traditional Market, as well as Art Centers in Ubud, Bali.

So, if you want to feel the sensation of a romantic honeymoon villa in Ubud, there’s nothing wrong with coming to Asvara Villa. Or just find out her Instagram at @asvaravilla.

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