Thousands of Gianyar People Participate in the Creative Fun Walk, Attended by the Governor of Bali

Thousands of Gianyar People Participate in the Creative Fun Walk, Attended by the Governor of Bali
Thousands of Gianyar People Participate in the Creative Fun Walk, Attended by the Governor of Bali

IDBALI – The Creative Fun Walk, a series of Bali Digital Festivals, will be held at Gianyar Square, Bali, Sunday 14 May 2023 morning.

The event was attended by the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster and the Regent of Gianyar, Made Mahayastra.

The event took place lively with the participation of thousands of people, from school students, the general public to Gianyar regency officials.

The fun walk event started in front of the Open Stage of the Cultural Center heading west to Jalan Ngurah Rai Gianyar.

After arriving in front of the Gianyar DPRD building, the participants then turned towards Jalan Ksatrian and at the end of Jalan Ksatrian turned east on Jalan Gambir towards Jalan Berata to return to the Cultural Center Open Stage.

Governor Koster together with the Regent of Gianyar Made Mahayastra accompanied by the Chairperson of the Gianyar PKK Mobilization Team, Gianyar Regional Secretary and Forkopimda also walked while seeing the beauty of Gianyar City.

The Mahayastra Regent in his remarks praised Governor Koster’s policy in protecting Bali’s nature through Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, which continues to follow developments and advances in digitalization.

“We are very proud to have a governor who knows exactly what young people want. Not only with his idea of safeguarding the new era of Bali, Balinese traditions, Balinese culture, but he is also not left behind with what will happen in the future for our young people who cannot be separated from what is called technology, what is called digital or globalization and others,” said Mahayastra.

Mahayastra also praised Governor Koster’s steps in preparing the development direction for Bali for the next 100 years.

“The direction for the development of Bali in the future, 100 years from now, has been envisioned by the governor, the regional regulations are being drafted by him to protect Bali from a regulatory perspective, so that the governor is really not thinking only about today, today’s electability. This means that whoever the governor is in the future, will be bound by the Perda contract and has been approved by the people of Bali,” he continued.

Governor Koster said the activity in Gianyar was the inaugural Creative Fun Walk event. This event will continue, which will take place in Buleleng, then to Tabanan, Denpasar and so on.

“We are doing it for the first time in Gianyar because Gianyar is a district that is creative in arts and culture. It is hoped that this activity can encourage, motivate the young millennial generation in developing their potential according to their talents through various activities related to traditional art and modern art. Later, the peak of the Bali Digital Festival will be held from 2 to 4 June at Ardha Candra,” he said.

He further said, the implementation of this activity was part of the celebration of Tumpek Landep Day, so that it was filled with festivals that showed sharpness of mind in advances in the fields of science, technology and advances that benefited society, or the government.

Governor Koster also invited young people or the millennial generation to take part in the Bali Digital Festival.

“Let’s participate in creativity to build Bali together,” he exclaimed.

During the Creative Fun Walk, dozens of prizes were drawn in the form of televisions, bicycles, and entertainment prizes as well as performances from schools to show creativity and other entertainment.

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