Two Indian Foreigners Suspected of Murder in Sanur Admit to Hurt

Two Indian Foreigners Suspected of Murder in Sanur Admit to Hurt
Two Indian Foreigners Suspected of Murder in Sanur Admit to Hurt

IDBALI – Two Indian men who killed an Indonesian citizen named Fitran Robby Firdaus (39) wore orange clothes typical of prisoners on Tuesday 16 May 2023. Both were handcuffed and closely guarded by police officers.

There is also a victim who is still alive and still in critical condition named Rajesh Sheen (40).

The suspects named Gurmej Singh (21) and Ajaypal Singh (21) were presented before the media in a press release held by the Denpasar Police.

Denpasar Police Chief Kombespol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas explained that the criminal incident occurred on Saturday 13 May 2023.

He said, the four met in Kuta on Wednesday 10 May 2023.

The victim then invited the three of them to live in his rented house on Jalan Tukad Bilok Gg IV A No 1 Sanur Kauh Densel, Denpasar, Bali.

At the time of the incident, the four were playing cards.

However, the perpetrator felt hurt, who claimed that the victim had spoken harsh words to him. There was a commotion and persecution that led to the murder.

After the incident, I Wayan Mertha, as the son of the landlord, visited Gusti Ngurah Ekagratha at around 12.30 WITA and received information that there had been a commotion at his house.

Ekagratha then came to the crime scene.

“Arriving at the TKP, the reporter saw the victim Rajen Sheen, sitting on the side of the road with a cloth tied to his head. There was a lot of blood on the face and on the cloth,” said the Kapolresta.

He was also told that in the living room near the master bedroom door, there was Fotran lying on his back covered in blood.

“When held, his body temperature was cold and stiff, so he was declared dead,” he added.

The two victims were then rushed to the hospital using the Denpasar City BPBD Ambulance.

The ranks of the Denpasar Police led by the Kapolresta immediately conducted a crime scene investigation.

“The two perpetrators managed to escape through the back door. After 2 and a half hours, the two suspects were successfully secured at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, when they wanted to flee to leave Indonesia. In less than 3 hours, the police were finally able to arrest my paladins,” he said.

During interrogation, the two admitted to abusing the victim by hitting him with a piece of wood. Until now the police are still conducting further investigations.

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