Unique, There is a Tradition of Flushing Flower Water After Students Pass

Unique, There is a Tradition of Flushing Flower Water After Students Pass
Unique, There is a Tradition of Flushing Flower Water After Students Pass

IDBALI – There is a unique tradition after students take part in a master’s thesis trial at the National Education University (Undiknas).

This tradition is the flushing of flower water which is carried out directly by the Director of the Undiknas Postgraduate School, Prof. Ir. Gede Sri Darma to students who have just graduated after attending a master’s thesis session.

When confirmed about this, Prof. Darma said that this tradition has existed since the Master of Management was founded.

The tradition of pouring flower water on students is at the same time to pray for students who have passed the thesis to be blessed.

In addition to praying for students, they also provide cooling to students after they take the thesis exam as well as to provide vibration so that students can be successful in their careers.

“Almost all countries that I know because I graduated from Australia usually believe that happiness can be conveyed in various ways and specifically for the Undiknas postgraduate we have a white barrel of happiness filled with fragrant water,” he explained when confirmed on Wednesday 17 May 2023.

So automatically they or the students are doused with scented water in the barrel of happiness as a symbol that the student has been declared a graduate of his postgraduate course.

Later the students will also pray together on their respective beliefs in the morning at their respective holy places, not in the barrel.

“Only after that will the barrel be filled with clean water and then filled with fragrances from nature such as from sandat flower, cempaka, then closed. And when we water it, we hope that those who graduate today will be successful in their careers,” he added.

For students with different beliefs, Prof. Sri Darma said it was not a problem. In fact, some of them are very happy to join this procession of flushing flowers.

For example, Muslim students from Lombok who wear the hijab also took part in this procession and felt happy.

“So they don’t open their headscarves but douse them and keep praying with their respective beliefs. They are also happy because they feel prayed for. Yes, as far as I know, this procession is only at the Undiknas Bali Postgraduate Program,” he concluded.

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